My print and digital publishing experience goes way back to my corporate days when I was designing marketing collateral pieces for businesses and non-profit organizations. Everything from brochures to newsletters and annual reports.

Self-publishing has opened the door for many authors, photographers, illustrators, poets, and others to produce and market their own books. I’ve done several of these, too.

Here, you’ll find my ebooks (free – no email address required) related to self-publishing. And, further down are select client projects, more can be viewed on my portfolio.


Saigon Shuffle 2.0 by Dominic R. SondySaigon Shuffle 2.o Print and Kindle versions, published November 2015, available via Amazon.com. This is an updated version of my husband’s photo-illustrated Vietnam memoir. The first edition was done in 1996 – our meager attempts at self-publishing when resources and tools were in their infancy.  Dominic Sondy had updated all the content and expanded many of the stories. We did work with an editor to refine the content and several rounds of proofing. Book design, layout and prepress were handled by me through our CreateSpace account. After brainstorming about the cover design, the author–who is a photographer–shot the image for the cover. Once the print version was released to the public, the epub or Kindle version was prepared. No third-party providers, all handled in-house. All images were included in the epub version. 






Just Married…50 Years Age Print only, self-published via Blurb. This is the third book I’ve collaborated with author and illustrator, Anna Cohn Donnelly. Her books are a gift to her family; very personal and colorful. Anne drops off her flat illustrations (occasionally scans) and a rough outline of the story. My role as design and production is bringing it all together. Finished size is 8×10″, full color + bleed and cover image wrap.





Coloring Book: Patterns of the Ancient WorldPatterns of the Ancient World Color Book. Published July 2015 via Amazon’s CreateSpace. Coloring is the new meditation! Tune out the distractions and break out your coloring pencils (preferred for paper used in this book) or crayons to explore these patterns from around the ancient world. Adapted from color plates from “The Grammar of Ornament” by Owen Jones (published 1856). Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. Trade size 5″x8″, black interior and full color + bleed soft cover.



Coloring Book: Renaissance PatternsRenaissance Patterns Coloring Book. Published September 2015 via Amazon’s CreateSpace. Emerge from the Dark Ages with these Renaissance Patterns-reconnect with your inner child. Tune out the distractions and break out your color pencils (preferred). The 5×8″ size is ideal for the traveler, use your tablet has a hard surface. Over 30 designs plus blank pages for your own drawings and doodling. Adapted from color plates of Owen Jones’ “The Grammar of Ornament” (published 1856). Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. Trade size 5″x8″, black interior and full color + bleed soft cover.



You can view more client projects (pitch decks, magazines, brochures & white papers) here.