Frequently Asked Questions

Most likely you’ll find the answer to your question here. If you don’t, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • What should I bring? Your sketching materials. We suggest that you travel light since we will be walking between sketching locations. A small stool is optional.
  • Will there be access to bathrooms and restaurants/cafes? Each ArchiSketch Workshop is developed and planned with you in-mind. When scouting, we look for access to washrooms and restaurants. We can’t guarantee that a washroom or coffee shop will be within quick walk, please plan accordingly.
  • What happens if it rains? ArchiSketch Chicago has an alternate plan if rain does occur. Before you make your purchase for any workshop, please review the alternate plan. If the weather is deemed too dangerous, a workshop ‘rain date’ will be offered to all pre-paid participants.
  • How far will we be walking? The walking routes for most ArchiSketch Workshops will range from 1 miles to 2.5 miles with ample time for sketching at site locations.
  • Can I bring my dog? Only if it is a service dog. We may visit the lobby of select buildings.
  • Are you planning workshops for Fall/Winter? Yes–interior spaces.
  • Do you have workshops less than 3 hours? Under development. (Mar 2016)
  • Can I ride by bike? You will be responsible for the safety of your bike or rented bicycle (like Divvy). However, keep in mind that the workshops are an opportunity to build community with like-minded enthusiasts and we’ll be visiting more than one location.
  • Are the workshops accessible via public transportation? We have designed the workshop start/stop locations so that participants can utilize public transportation. Visit the Chicago Public Transit for more information.
  • Do you offer refunds? Generally, no; please contact ArchiSketch Chicago to discuss your situation.
  • Can I purchase as a gift? Yes, please let us know when purchasing ticket who will be participating in the workshop and contact information for that individual.
  • Will we be walking in high-crime areas? Workshops will be held in urban and public-accessible areas like Lincoln Park Zoo/Park and the ‘Loop’ in downtown Chicago. Please review the route map before making your decision. You are responsible for your own safety.
  • Will supplies be provided? No, not at this time. Please bring your own. (Apr. 2016)
  • Will you sell my artwork/sketches? We only use your sketches to share with the community and for marketing purposes; see the ‘photo release agreement’.