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We’re all aware of the limited time we have to grab someone’s attention; 1-2 seconds for a headline, 4-6 minutes for a blog post, 10-15 minutes for a pitch.

Wow! I’m guilty. Using aggragators to tag items for reading later, scanning my inbox for relevant/need-to-know now emails, and jumping off webinars once the presenter begins reading the slide content.
Have you ever been to a Pecha Kucha (or similar) event? 20 SLIDES x 20 SECONDS EACH. Each presenter has ~ 5 minutes. It’s fast-paced and differentiates those with a passion for their story and the discipline of practice. This is ToastMasters on steroids!
In my previous “deck”, I outlined a 12-slide structure, Universal Pitch Deck that can be adapted for any {business} presentation. A keep-it-simple outline to help you focus your content.
My most recent “deck” contains common sense tips for planning and preparing your pitch deck. 
  1. Keep in mind that investors see/hear A LOT OF PITCHES
  2. Get to the point, be clear and concise.
More presentation/pitch resources:
Another day to find activities to keep my 14 year-old occupied while teachers and school board continue negotiations here in Chicago.

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