Create Your Own Great Photo Book 2.0

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Update September 2017

“Steady As A Rock”, published last month, via Amazon’s CreateSpace, an illustrated book by Anna Cohn Donnelly.This is the fifth book that I’ve help Anna self-publish. She is an illustrator and writer; all personal stories that she shares with family and friends. “Steady As A Rock” is about how she found Rock Steady Boxing to help manage her Parkinson’s Disease… more importantly, the support of her new ‘family’ and community. Anna’s book will be featured in an upcoming edition of the Rock Steady Boxing newsletter and I hope that it will be shared with others who are trying to manage his/her PD. 


** Accepting new projects right now for holiday season gift-giving. Contact me to discuss your project and how we can collaborate to bring your book to life.


Create Your Own Great Photo Book

  • Have you ever wanted to create your own photo books?
  • How do you start?
  • What are techniques to make it look professional?
  • How do I get it printed?

An introduction to self-publishing techniques to create your own amazing book using your photographs or illustrations.

Discover techniques to create and publish of your own photo book, plus an introduction to self-publishing options (print and digital formats). Ideal for photographers, illustrators, architects, chefs, historians and many more.

Topics covered:
  • Image Sequencing & Storyboarding
  • Page Layout and Structure
  • Cover Design
  • Image Preparation
  • Overview: Shutterfly, Lulu and Blurb

Start Creating Your Own Photo Book

* eBook format is 21-page PDF, compatible on desktop and mobile devices.
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