Dancing In The Dark

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Wow, it’s been a couple of months since I’ve posted anything new for you.  Frankly, I’ve been immersed in some very exciting projects.

Don’t let the title of this post send you looking for Bruce Springsteen on iTunes. 

Can you deliver your speech/presentation in the dark? 

Without the support of visual aids? Ditch the PPT?

Image courtesy Choose Chicago

Many of you know that I’m a docent with the Chicago Architecture Foundation, and this year I’m ‘sponsoring’ a trainee. One of my responsibilities is a walk through or demonstration of one of the core tours. 

Due to scheduling, my trainee and I could only agree to meet after work. This is Chicago, it’s dark by 6 p.m. and this week it’s been cold (again) and damp. Not the best conditions to display my expertise. 

Midway through the two-hour tour, Ben, docent-in-training, complimented me on the descriptive speech I used to describe details of buildings on the Chicago Old & New Tour.

After I thanked him, I was surprised when I realized that the darkness added a new and highly disciplinary behavior to my tour. A way to reduce and eliminate some bad behaviors and crutches. 

I wasn’t relying on the illumination of daytime, as I usually do. Instead, recalling specific details expressed with highly descriptive language. Clearly articulating the core concepts, coherently making comparisons to describe details that are seen vividly during the day.

Plan B–No Crutches
This exercise recalled the disastrous and feeble attempts I’ve witnessed over the years when technology fails. You know what I’m talking about: microphone cut outs, the presentation file doesn’t load, the computer shuts down, the projector lamp burns out, you don’t have the right cable, its the wrong file/version, etcetera, etcetera.

A Challenge
I challenge you to deliver your speech or presentation without the use of visual aids. Take it further and step away from the lectern and turn off the microphone. 

Can you express the core message(s) and support it with details to your audience coherently? Delivered with passion and confidence? 

Here’s the link to your 80s rock-n-roll fix, “Dancing in the Dark” by Bruce Springsteen.