How Do You Conquer “Creative Frustration”?

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I’ve been working a logo project all morning and making little progress toward anything I’d like to share with the client.

This is the second logo project in less than a week. I’m not complaining. I really like the client, we’ve worked together before and now he’s starting up two businesses right now.  He knows my work, recommends me to other professionals, I know the market, I deliver.

I deliver. (Can’t believe I wrote that phrase.)

Back to the question, how do you conquer “creative frustration”? (Or gettin’ unstuck?)
Google returns 4.5+ Million results on the topic of ‘frustration’ — I’m getting the feeling the this is a common but taboo topic.

The prevention of progress seems to be where I’m at with this particular project. What am I doing about it?

  • Saved my work and closed the AI file. Put my hardcopy sketches away.
  • Surfed my favorite news sources on the internet — same as before, nothing new.
  • Logged onto my FB stream — nothing going on there.
  • Ate lunch (which was totally unsatisfying)
  • Went for a walk.

This afternoon in Chicago, a light snow is falling, temperature is ~ 25F, no sun; I took the pooch out for his afternoon stroll.

Walking seems to be one of my best re-energizing activities. I’ve also been experimenting with 3-5 minute meditations at my desk.

Does music help you? What genre? (I’ve been addicted to “Martini in the Morning” lately)
A few of my resources:

Dan Goodwin’s “A Big Creative Yes”
Jonathan Mead’s “Illuminated Mind”
“Anxiety Slayer” by Ananja Sivyer and Shann VanderLeek
I would live to hear your tricks, post them here.