My Book Is Done! Now What?

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After weeks of writing, editing, editing, editing, and illustrating, Cecelia’s Garden, it is now publicly available.

Waiting patiently during the KDP Amazon review process, I checked the status three times yesterday. This morning when I check I saw the green lighted word LIVE under status. I FROZE! I couldn’t even click the link to view the public listing.

Panic Set In, Quickly.

Cecelia's Garden, Nurturing Creative Thinking (c) 2019 Joann B Sondy

This project has been different from book & ebook projects I’ve done for over the years. I’m usually designing and constructing the layout a book for another author (photographer, illustrator, historian, or company) were I can separate myself from the content and be an observer.

Not my book. I was immersed in the content from the first story, handwritten in a college-ruled notebook. It became personal, very personal, especially since I was relying on memories of my mother. As the stories flowed, Cecelia became the impetus for the underlying theme of creative thinking (or creative problem solving).

Translating my handwritten stories, into readable text was grueling. My background in writing has been for business; asking writers to ‘wordsmith’ slides and headlines. Hiring an editor for my book was humbling; reminding me how much I had forgotten since college.

Throughout the process, which took about eighteen months, I also created all the illustrations. Sure, I could have used photography… but why would I when my pastels at-hand? Choosing what to illustrate was just as difficult as choosing words to add color and depth to each story.

Now What?

I’m still overwhelmed with the prospect of marketing the book. The “build it and they will come” plan just doesn’t work. The lengthy to-do list for marketing is complex and will require me to take actions I’ve never done before.

  • How do you market your book on a limited budget?
  • Any tips on utilizing a book as a foundation for workshops and speaking?

The holidays are right around the corner, fortunately, I have some vacation time saved from my part-time job (need the health insurance) so that I can spend quality time formulating the strategies, timeline and actions.

Happy Holidays!