Sketching Sullivan

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Sketching Sullivan :: Fragments of a Visionary

3-hour Workshop: $45.00/person

Workshops are limited to 15 participants.


Workshop Goals:

  • Discover the value of ornament, Louis H. Sullivan style.
  • Nature + geometric shapes, the architect’s signature style
  • Capturing details

Workshop participants will begin at the The Sullivan Center (formerly known as the Carson, Pirie, Scott & Company Building) one of Sullivan’s most iconic projects; we’ll start with the ‘big picture’ view and then move in for a closer look at the restored details on this turn of the 20th century department store. Next stop, will be two buildings on Wabash that give us a glimpse into his early work. The remainder of the workshop will be at Art Institute of Chicago* (admission maybe required, depending upon day/time of workshop and AIC membership) beginning with the Chicago Stock Exchange arch outside the Modern Wing entrance. Then, participants will go inside to the CSE Trading Room to work on perspective, capturing pattern, spatial relationships and lighting. The final segment of Sketching Sullivan will focus on the fragments from Sullivan-designed projects in the Architecture Artifacts gallery.

Sketching Sullivan ArchiSketch Chicago is a 3-hour walking workshop.

  • Sullivan Center (fka Carson, Pirie, Scott)
  • Jewelers Row
  • Chicago Stock Exchange Entrance
  • Chicago Stock Exchange Trading Room
  • Architecture Fragments (AIC)

Presentation topics:  Deeper understanding of Sullivan’s design, exploration of his combination of natural & geometric, roots of new American architecture, architecture preservation movement.Sketching Sullivan Map (c) Creative Aces Corp. 2017

Sketching exercises will be designed for each stop:

  • Big picture view
  • Capturing details
  • Contour drawing
  • Perspective (one-point and two-point)
  • Proportion
  • Capturing shading & highlights

* Art Institute of Chicago RESTRICTIONS: Pencil only. Sketchbook not to exceed 13×17″. No bags larger than 13x17x4″. No easels, stools or anything that interferes with visitors. See AIC website for more information.

Walking route is approx. >1 mile (>1.6 km). Accessible via public transit {preferred} and/or public parking. Walking distance to washrooms and restaurants. Handicap accessible.

No refunds for inclement weather, an indoor workshop will be given and participants will be alerted prior to the workshop.

Please note, these workshops are NOT plein air classes; ArchiSketch Chicago participants will be visiting multiple locations with ample time for the sketching exercise and architecture interpretation, versus staying in one place.

ArchiSketch Chicago workshops are intended for individuals who are 18 and older with or without any drawing skills.

Participants should bring to the designated ArchiSketch Chicago meeting place, their favorite sketching materials: sketchbook, pencils & erasers, pens/markers*, or iPad/tablet, a folding stool* is optional. Most of all…bring a open mind and a keen eye.

It is recommended that you travel light, wear comfortable clothing and walking shoes appropriate for an urban walk; ability to climb stairs maybe needed.

  • Not responsible for any injuries incurred while on-location or walking to locations. Each participant is responsible for their own safety. ArchiSketch Chicago (and its parent company, Creative Aces Corporation) will be mindful of all participants and the surrounding area while on-location and walking to ensure the safety of the group.
  • Not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal items during the workshop.
  • No refunds for inclement weather. Alternative plans and locations will be posted at time of registration for each workshop. If alternative plans are needed, each participant will be notified of any change beforehand.
Photo Release Agreement:

Each ArchiSketch Chicago participant agrees to having his/her picture taken and/or any voice recorded and grant ArchiSketch Chicago, and its parent company, Creative Aces Corporation, permission to use his/her picture, voice and physical surrounding without restriction for the purposes of marketing and promotion; be it print, projection, internet website, video/audio channel or any future market. Each participant fully agrees to his/her own participation and holds ArchiSketch Chicago and its parent company, Creative Aces Corporation or representative harmless from any liability, loss of expense arising from the use of his/her picture, picture of artwork or audio/video recording. Each participant also consents to the use of his/her name, voice and/or picture and other materials for promotional, publicity or organization purposes.