Spider In Your Engine, Oh My!

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I read the article about a recall from certain car manufacturer because spiders are nesting in their fuel line vent filters.

Truth is stranger than fiction…

My husband, Dominic Sondy, wrote a book with a related theme. It is titled Used Buggy Parts: A Field Guide To Automotive EntomologyUsed Buggy Parts: A Field Guide To Automotive Entomology. His book is a spoof.

The title is play on words based on the idea that early automobiles were once referred to as Buggies. Dominic’s parody features insects that have evolved, after intimate contact with automobiles, and now live in cars. Used Buggy Parts features creatures like Radiator Bees, Lifter Ticks, Milage Millipedes and a Manifold Mantis. The book even has illustrations of the bugs. These fictional insects are composites of actual automotive parts. Used Buggy Parts is self-published and is currently available on Lulu.com. As Dominic says, “I wrote and illustrated the book for fun. You might enjoy it too. This story demonstrates how fiction really can become reality.”

Individual “Used Buggy Parts” photographic prints are also available.