When In Doubt, Take A Walk

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I posted that to my Instagram feed earlier this week which was a retaliation of my own frustrations with creativity and concentration. We know, it’s common sense, that exercise of any sort ignites our brain function. Walk or bike ride in the park for the connection to nature; which also improves cognitive abilities.

Today, whilst wasting time on FB, when Jason Silva came on screen. It’s an interview where he talked about triggering his creative flow. This is where/when he improves his “moments of awe” videos.  One of the most important, IMO, is his comment about getting away from all the distractions and heading outside.

  • Letting go
  • Daydreaming
  • “Flow state”

Tap into the daily routines of great creators who prioritized walking, long or vigorous walks, into their daily routines. Walking allows us to think more deeply about what we have already worked on. Processing it. Imagining where or how it might lead us. A way for us to building upon our own ideas.

Hurray for daydreaming!