Friction + Energy = Ideas

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Friction. Energy. Ideas.

Rub your hands together, like you were warming them on a cold morning waiting at the bus stop.

Palms together, fingers pointing north… up + down alternatively.

One evening during my stint in the Floral Department at Mariano’s Lakeview, I noticed a customer rubbing his hands together. “I do the same thing when I am generating ideas,” I said. He laughed, a little embarrassed that I noticed.

A conversational opening had presented itself for each of us. We chatted briefly about the benefits of generating physical energy to fuel confidence in one’s ideas. Agreed. A child might jump up and down, I know some grow ups who still jump up and down when he/she has a good, GREAT idea.

Energy Fueling Confidence

Is the energy we produce by rubbing our hands together the fuel for self-confidence? Are physical actions like this, a percolator for more and better ideas? Would stopping to grab your pen and notebook to jot your ideas onto paper, reduce the the energy flow?

We know that walking and other forms of exercise can be thought inducing. Everyone can benefit from these extended sessions, to clear our minds which, in turn, invites deeper thoughts and ideas to emerge.

But, what about the guy in the floral department looking at all the cut flowers and bouquets who just wants to assemble a bouquet for someone special? It’s in these small moments of impromptu energy and delight that can produce unexpected results.

New. Fresh and Unknown.

Children know how to do this, watch and see. It’s in those moments of curiosity that our toddler discovers something NEW, FRESH and previously UNKNOWN. A little giggle. A smile. Big eyes. There it is, a physical gesture like rubbing his/her hands together. Standing tall, proud of the discover and toddling over to Mom to share the moment.

Creative thinking at is core is about the yearning for curiosity. We must be willing and able to seek out the unknown with an open mind; leaving judgement and preconceived ideas behind.

Is friction symbolic of a creative mashup?