“Perfect Practice, Makes Perfection”

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(Corrected) Wednesday May 22 is National Musical Instrument Day.

I am surrounded by the musically inclined. Bass. Guitar. Violin. Piano.

I have attended numerous lessons, recitals, performance tests and events. 

I am not a musician. I wholeheartedly embrace musical study and play for all children (and adults). 

Both of my daughters have learned to play an instrument and acquired the appreciation of additional instruments. Learning to read (and write) music has been extremely beneficial to their academic successes; as well as the discipline of practice. Everyday. 

My husband picked up the bow and bass after decades and practices everyday. 

Have I tired of hearing the same songs over and over again? Yes. However, the reward lies in their individual achievements of excellence and the appreciation of music and those who invest in their craft. Observing and encouraging my children to play a musical instrument has reminded me of the discipline and passion that we should apply to any aspect of our growth.