Saigon Shuffle 2.0 by Dominic R Sondy

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An updated edition of the VERY first self-published project Dominic and I have collaborated. Saigon Shuffle is his; I just helped format the interior and offer editing services.

Available on Amazon: $14.95 Print and/or $9.99 Kindle

Saigon Shuffle 2.0 opens with a description of an international ruse and the circumstances that led to volunteering for the draft. Induction, during the pivotal Tet Offensive, participation in the war and the Shuffle’s grand finale, at the 1986 Chicago Welcome Home Parade, are components of this unconventional first-person account of the Vietnam War. A photo illustrative narrative of the Vietnam War.


ISBN: 978-0984895052

Print 6″ x 9″, b&w interior