Tap Into Tablet For Your New Portfolio

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Remember the days of toting your portfolio around to various offices? Designers typically had the large black “sail” which was cumbersome and awkward. So glad we don’t have to do that anymore. 

A recent appointment with a prospect was an opportunity for potential business but it was also a chance to showcase my portfolio on the iPad. The results were surprising, yet not unexpected.

Using the iPad versus a laptop or jump/flash drive turned the meeting into an interactive experience. Launching the curated and self-published ebook from the library, popping up in vivid color… right there in the palm of my hands. Letting the client take full control of the device and advancing the pages at their own speed. I incorporated a table of contents so I could quickly go to a specific section. 

While my portfolio/ebook was stored on the iPad, the conversation led to topics outside the curated content and since I have the wifi version, this did present a challenge. 

However, the potential for you as a consultant to “tap” into the capabilities of the tablet (whether it’s Apple, Android, Windows or Kindle Fire) are extraordinary. A new realm of interacting with current and potential clients.

Forrester Research has some insight on business usage of tablets (link to article)

  • Globally by 2017, tablet usage overall will reach 905 million, that’s 1 in 8 people on earth.
  • Company issued or bring your own device (BYOD) will become pervasive in the workplace.
  • 18% of table purchases will be by enterprises.

You may have noticed tablets being used at AT&T and other retailers, doctor offices, and even restaurants. They’re here and companies are beginning to learn how to incorporate into the workplace.

We have an opportunity to examine our marketing materials, presentations, proposals, websites and direct mail campaigns from a new perspective. Ask yourself, “How can I (update) repackage the marketing kit and make it available on my tablet?”

As you ponder the question and answers, push aside the idea of a flat printed page or PDF because publishing for the tablet is far more dynamic than you’ve imagined.

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